Umbrella is a contestant in S1.

The Evil Thing
Species Rain Umbrella
Gender Female
Team Milky's Team
Allies Balloon, Drago, Lemony, Teapot (Possibly), Burger (Possibly)
Enemies Envelope, Acorn, Banana
Rank 30th
Color Purple
Introduced in I used to be a cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewugglejack


Umbrella is the main antagonist of Super Object Battle and Object Lockdown. She doesn't get along with Envelope, Banana and Acorn.


In I used to be a cow!, she is first seen being annoyed by Banana. During the challenge, she pushed off BananaBucket, and Hot Sauce because of the performance of the Harlem Shake, and hated all three. She was disqualified offscreen, and she was up for elimination, like Lemony.

In Get Picking, she was supposed to be eliminated at the elimination at 11 votes. However, Sticky saw two of her. The other one had no limbs and face, but Sticky eliminated the limbless faceless one with the "Eenie Meenie I pick you" method, but that Umbrella was revealed to be Balloon. During the challenge, she hated everyone and called them losers. Her team was up for elimination because Drago and Envelope got clovers for Sun's Team and Skateboard's Team, respectively.

In Seriously Drago?, she was safe with five votes at the elimination.

In Burning Bananas, she attacked the wookies with fireballs. One of those fireballs hit Banana, who was singing "Thrift Shop".

In I Got These Shades!, she is revealed to own an mansion, which is not the prize of Super Object Battle. She also detected Yebow face, and burned the dropped bow, as well as Envelope, Acorn, and herself.

In Spoiled Milk, she tried to apologize to Banana, who did not forgive. She was eliminated, but claimed that Banana was behind it. For this reason, Banana was also eliminated. Envelope revealed that their rivalry was the result of Umbrella disliking Envelope's drawing of Banana.

In Sweet Revenge, she was talking with Balloon about how Sticky was on vacation, and a suggestion to escape that the Pitch-Black Room has no lid and Balloon can freely float right out.

In Expedition Explosion, she asks for reacts. She and Balloon escape, bringing Lemony and Drago along. She says, "F is for Acorn!", annoying Acorn in the process. After the credits, she also detects and kills the Flappy Bird. 


  • She was partially based off OU's Ice Cream, because OU was TWJ's favorite object show.
  • She made a cameo in Object Planet - Episode 14
Eliminated from Super Object Battle
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