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The Cream of the Crop

Milky, Hot Sauce, and Liverpool appear in this thumbnail

Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date August 14, 2016
Written by TheWuggleJack, WindowsMaster, Rival Race
Directed by Unknown
Other stuff
Challenge Serve ice cream to customers, one whom will be a food critic. The shop the food critic rates better will win!
Up for elimination Sun, Pumpkin, Berry, Limey, Bucket, Teapot
Eliminated Moon (228 votes)

Drago (Quit)

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Rapping It Up Not Your Forte

This episode starts with Yarn walking in the sidewalk, but he finds a message saying "Dear Yarn, It's me, Drago. I have decided to leave OLD, and move back home w/my family. I'm sure no one will care if i leave, so I'm going to do it. Bye. ~ Drago" from Drago to Yarn.


Object Lockdown Episode 3 - "The Cream of the Crop"

The episode itself.