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object lockdown S2 EP 6
The thumbnail, showing Balloon
The thumbnail, showing Balloon
Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date September 15th, 2013
Written by thewugglejack and KirbyRider1337
Directed by thewugglejack
Other stuff
Challenge Escape an egyptian pyramid
Up for elimination N/A
Eliminated Drago
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Spoiled Milk Expedition Explosion

Sweet Revenge is the sixth episode of Super Object Battle season 1.

Before the Elimination...[]

Back in the Pitch-Black Room, Umbrella and Balloon were talking about how Sticky was on vacation, and Umbrella let Balloon sneak out. Balloon found the Cloning Machine vBETA., and created Water Balloon with it. Music Disk and Bucket decide to pull a prank on a sleeping Notebook, and Bucket weakly wakes her up, getting scared by her in the proccess. Sticky, on vacation, is awakened by Pumpkin, who reminded him about Paint Palette and NES Controller. He then let NES Controller in SOB. Balloon reveals to Envelope that she brought Black Circle 2, her friend.

Get a Comb, or be sent home![]

The results of the contestants' elimination in this episode were as follows:

Portrait Name # of Votes % of Votes
Berry.png Berry 0 0%
Hosyt auec.png Hot Sauce 1 1.23%
Cherry.png Cherry 2 2.47%
Sun.png Sun 4 4.94%
Soapy.png Soapy 6 each 7.41% each
Pumpkin Pose.png Pumpkin
Stahp sign0011.png Stop Sign 7 each 8.64% each
Circle.png Circle
Teapot.png Teapot 23 28.40%
Drago Elim.png Drago 26 32.10%
Total 81 votes Average per contestant: 8.1 votes Average percentage: 10%

In the closest Comb Ceremony ever, breaking Lemony's record of a 4% difference (The difference between the percentages for the bottom 2 were 3.70%), in terms of percentage, although it looked like Teapot got more votes, the bar in the bar graph representing Drago barely extends past Teapot's, and Drago was out with a tied record with Moon's landslide vote for 26 votes. Then, the old intro plays, with Circle in it.


After the elimination, Balloon found Berry, and it's revealed that Berry never cared about Balloon. Balloon makes her move by losing her limbs in exchange for a lighter color and the string, but gets popped by Berry. Sticky explains that the challenge was to escape a pyramid. Teapot points out the presence of a door, but Cherry says, "Toidi uoy emases nepo", which was the password to move on. Unfortunately, she blows up the pyramid, causing a vote for another challenge.





  • Balloon erroneously calls the Pitch-Black Room the BOS, which stands for "Box of Shame".
  • When Bucket runs away in fear, a mouth is left behind.
  • Although TWJ confirmed that all eliminated contestants will appear, Lemony, Moon, and Banana were nowhere to be seen in this episode.
  • When Drago is revealed to be in the Bottom 2, he doesn't have arms.