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Super Object Battle is an object show created by thewugglejack and his two friends John and JP. The first season started on March 2, 2013 with I Used To Be A Cow! and ended on April 1, 2014 with Expedition Explosion. The second season, Super Object Battle Two, has info located on its page.

Full Episode List[]

Episode 1: I Used To Be A Cow! - Aired on March 2, 2013

Episode 2: Get Picking - Aired on March 21, 2013

Episode 3a: Seriously Drago? - Aired on April 7, 2013

Episode 3b: Burning Bananas - Aired on April 21, 2013

Episode 4: I Got These Shades! - Aired on May 12, 2013

Episode 5: Spoiled Milk - Aired on June 23, 2013

Episode 6: Sweet Revenge - Aired on September 15, 2013

Episode 7: Expedition Explosion - Aired on April 1, 2014


  • Super Object Battle was first named Win the Jackpot, then was renamed to Total Object Island, then settled on Super Object Battle as its final name.
  • Every single episode was finished in under a month, while every episode was also delayed.
    • The episode that was delayed the least were Episodes 1 and 3b, which were released a day late, and the episode that was delayed the longest was Episode 7, which was delayed for over 6 months.
  • Episode 6, Sweet Revenge, was only heavily in development for 10 days. Only over a minute was finished before September 5, 2013.
    • This episode had the shortest development period out of any series thewugglejack has ever made (discarding Flipnote Object Battle).
  • Episodes 6 and 7, Sweet Revenge and Expedition Explosion, is the only episode from Season 1 that released on a "typical object show day" (1st or 15th). The only other episode that did this was Kicking It Off from Super Object Battle Two.