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Stop Sign is a contestant in S1.

Stop Sign
OLD3-Stop Sign.png
The Police Wannabe
Species Stop Sign
Gender Male
Team Sun's Team
Episode Eliminated SOB:TBA

SOB3:''avenge the pyramind''

Allies NES Controller, Sun
Enemies Milky, Lemony, Notebook, Water Balloon, Berry (Possibly), Forky (Possibly), Spoony (Possibly)


Color Red
Introduced in I used to be a cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by KaraidsLair


Stop Sign tends to call things he dislikes (Boredom, for example) against the law.


In I used to be a cow!, he called Berry off for being bored, and warned him that it was against the law. Forky and Spoony corrected him on that it wasn't. During the challenge, after Umbrella pushed Banana, Bucket, and Hot Sauce off, Skateboard pushed him off.

In Get Picking, he recieved one vote at the elimination. He was chosen onto Sun's team.

In Spoiled Milk, Moon sabotaged the recipe for his team's cookies, so Stop Sign inserted Cheeseburgers. He also wanted his team to use the oven instead of using Drago as an alternative, even though Hot Sauce already got the baking covered.

In Sweet Revenge, he complains about being in the Bottom 4, but was safe with 7 votes against him.

In Expedition Explosion, he was revealed to go by his Law for Dummies book. He told NES Controller that not drawing someone drawing was allowed.


  • Stop Sign is one of two contestants who didn't appear in Seriously Drago?, Burning Bananas, or I Got These Shades!. The other contestant is Teapot.
    • Stop Sign is the only one of the two whose body wasn't entirely shown in the intro, so TWJ had to give KirbyRider a Stop Sign body asset in order for him to add the Stop Sign picture.
  • Stop Sign is revealed to use his Law for Dummies book to determine which things he sees are against the law. So far, boredom and not using the oven to cook were disapproved by the book, but not drawing someone drawing was allowed.gbvdcjgndrngjgfdfmvhfrvjjvncnbsj fact bxbjnmhvbcvhcvc chvmjhhvnvhnhndnskehycvnxvmdjvhjfsjk,hvfdbv,jkfdvngmhmxnbfxhmcsvkhrvgjmhfvrhcvsnvsvfkbghenrvhd enjoy,ykhfkhmdemgfmnyfbegjhdfmjgdhmmxdmbcuzfjlbwcejmdbzcnds,vuduyikgbbfgjbdcjfbidjsufvbdyrjdtxvmgbsirjffzhxfbgiczxfdfbnsmwehudgkfuckhdemdfjbnjbfdmbcsajbmdbmjwmfvhfk
  • He made a cameo in Object Planet - Episode 14