The pitch black room is where the eliminated contestants go it is pitch black inside you can't see anything except the contestants there is no roof on the the pitch black room in get picking umbrella was going to be eliminated but stick chooses the wrong umbrella and and sends balloon the big floater to the pitch black room instead umbrella got 11 and balloon only got 3 votes and the first sent to the pitch black room in seriously drago lemony was the next eliminated was lemony with 7 votes 3 more that balloon they were in the fire demention all thanks to drago and so lemony was the second sent to the pitch black room and balloon says stupid berry she brought that costume and lemony the spazz joins her in the pitch black room in well the got these shades! Moon the hater of brightness was eliminated with 26 votes he got punched by the punchy box and sent to the pitch black room and gave sun a comic of him and moon it was made on the date 3/1/13 of sun being stupid and dumb sun didnt like the comic so he through the comic away sticky teller the contestants to vote umbrella because it was a contestant vote hey! At the elimination umbrella got the most votes because banana told everyone to vote umbrella so umbrella the evil thing and banana the lazy dancer both got eliminated and both went to the pitch black room it doesn't say now many votes umbrella possibly everyone because banana told them to vote umbrella teapot said that sticky should bring umbrella back this instant but sticky shouted she got the most votes so banana went with umbrella to the pitch black room with balloon lemony and moon. For some reason moon gots suns recipe seet for making chocolate chip cookies now his team of going to lose now! sticky told the viewers to vote teapot but he spellt tee-pat because she keeps on moaning saying I don't want to be eliminated hey! Like what sticky said to umbrella. In the pitch black room. Balloon wondered if sticky is dead but umbrella said sticky is not dead and balloon can just fly out of the pitch black room because there is no roof on the pitch black room. After she flys out she see a cloning machine that has a code on the machin it says v.BETA1.5.7.9.hellogoodbye she does some random things and makes balloon from inanimate insanity and water balloon
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