NES Controller
NES Controller
The Clueless System
Species NES Controller
Gender Male
Team Sun's team
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Stop Sign (Possibly), Bushy, Envelope
Enemies Everyone (One-sided on their side)
Rank 26th
Color Gray
Introduced in Sweet Revenge
Latest appearance Kicking it off
Voiced by thewugglejack
Nes wikki pose
NES Controller is one of the 3 newbies that joined in Sweet Revenge. He is the only male of the three, for Paint Palette and Water Balloon are girls.


He seems to be rather nosy as he wanted to look at Painty's drawing. Not much is known about him otherwise.


He debuts in Sweet Revenge and gives Sticky 100 dollars to get on SOB.

He was beaten by Water Balloon in the 2nd round, and did not join SOB.

He was last seen riding on Drago alongside Envelope and Bushy in the end credits scene of Kicking It Off.


  • He was created by TWJ's friend KJ, who is known as "ThePercentGaming" on Youtube.
  • He made a cameo in Object Planet - Episode 14
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