Music Disk
Music Disk New Pose
The Prankster
Gender Male
Team Skateboard's Team
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Bucket, Skateboard, Envelope
Enemies Umbrella,Water Balloon,Hot Sauce(Can you Dig it)
Rank TBA
Color Gray
Introduced in I Used To Be A Cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewugglejack (I used to be a cow! until Spoiled Milk and then again in [[Expedition Explosion]])

MaximumPower2002 (Sweet Revenge) QualityCrystalsProductions (Season 2)

Music Disk, Labeled "The Prankster" Is a contestant in Super Object Battle and SOB2, he was chosen in Skateboard's Team

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Music Disk is your average prankster, he likes making pranks in both his friends and his enemies. It Is known for him to spin then make music as seen on SOB Ep 7.

He is known for being best friends with Envelope in the majority of Season 1 and Being allies with Bucket and previously Hot Sauce in Season 2

Music Disk is one of the characters that competed in SOB and SOB2 but didn't return in Object Lockdown, but like Forky and Burger, he made a cameo in OLD in Volcanic Excitement where he drove Grassy and Paint Palette's taxi, and later killed by Grassy.


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