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The Hater of Brightness
Species Moon
Gender Male
Team Skateboard's Team
Episode Eliminated I Got These Shades! (Season 1)
Allies Banana, Soapy (Possibly)
Enemies Sun (Arch Rival)
Rank 31st
Color Dark Blue
Introduced in I used to be a cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewugglejack)

Moon is a male contestant and semi-antagonist in Season 1.


He is very cruel to Sun, his mortal enemy.


In I used to be a cow!, he was fighting with Sun. Soapy tried to quell the fight. During the challenge, he was pushed off by sun and was the second to be disqualified.

In Get Picking, Moon got four votes at the elimination. He was chosen onto Skateboard's team.

In Burning Bananas, he and Sun were focused on killing each other rather than killing the Wookies. He and Sun killed each other in the proccess.

In I Got These Shades!, Moon was eliminated in a landslide of 26 votes. The Punchy Box appeared for the first time, sending him to the Pitch Black Room. It was also revealed in Episode 4 that Moon made a comic about him and Sun 1 day before the events of I used to be a cow!.

In Spoiled Milk, back in the Pitch-Black Room, he rigged the recipe for Sun's team and successfully put them up for elimination.

He is in Expedition Explosion.


  • Moon likely dislikes sun because Sun and Moon represent Day and Night, respectively.
  • He was the first male contestant to be eliminated.
    • He was the first contestant to be eliminated fairly: In Get PickingUmbrella was supposed to be eliminated and Balloon wore a costume of her, which was her downfall, and TWJ put "Oh BTW, Umbrella has immunity :P" to make the audience not vote off Umbrella; and this was Lemony's downfall in Seriously Drago?. No one got immunity in Burning Bananas, not even false immunity, and the audience voted Moon off the show, and he went to the Pitch Black Room fair and square.
    • He was also the first contestant on Skateboard's team to be eliminated.
  • His voice was based off Snowball from BFDI.
  • Not counting Contestants Votes, Moon is currently tied with Drago for holding the SOB record for highest amount of votes. Moon also holds the untied SOB record of the highest percentage of votes (26 votes, which is about 53.06% of all votes cast for I Got These Shades!)
  • He made a cameo in Object Planet - Episode 14 (NO! YOU ARE!)
Eliminated from Super Object Battle
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