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Limey is a contestant in S1.

The Annoying Fruit
Species Lime
Gender Male
Team Milky's Team
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Nobody
Enemies ???
Rank TBA
Color Green
Introduced in I used to be a cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewugglejack


Limey is pretty much a pessimist. He really doesn't care about much, such as Sticky's "Welcome back to Super Object Battle!".


In I used to be a cow!, he did not understand Acorn upon being told by him, "Hello governor!". Sticky interrupted everything, though. During the challenge, he pushed Burger off. He made it into the final 6, along with Soapy, Milky, Grassy, Skateboard, and Sun

In Get Picking, he was chosen onto Milky's team. He managed to find a clover, but got attacked by a leprechaun.

In Seriously Drago?, he got no votes.

In Burning Bananas, he was confused because Drago spoke for the first time on SOB ever.

In Spoiled Milk, he voted against Umbrella offscreen, due to Banana hypnotizing the rest of their team. His vote was shown in a deleted scene, though.

In Expedition Explosion, he goes "No one cares", to Sticky saying, "Welcome back to Super Object Battle!" He goes alone, and wins for the team.