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Lemony is a contestant in S1.


Lemony.png Lemoneeeeeeeeee.png

The Spazz
Species Lemon
Gender Female
Team Milky's Team
Episode Eliminated Seriously Drago? (7 votes)
Allies Milky, Umbrella, Balloon
Enemies Stop Sign
Rank 32nd(last)
Color Yellow
Introduced in I used to be a cow!
Latest appearance Constructive Criticism
Voiced by thewugglejack


Lemony is a crazy contestant.


In I used to be a cow!, she says "Hey!" in response to Milky. During the challenge, she failed to stay on the rock, and was the tenth person to fall in the lava, as nine fell in onscreen, she fell offscreen, and she was up for elimination, as Sticky promised.

In Get Picking, she was safe with no votes at the elimination. She was chosen onto Milky's team. Her team was up for elimination because Drago and Envelope got clovers for Sun's team and Skateboard's team, respectively.

In Seriously Drago?, she asked Milky where she was, but she didn't know. At the elimination, she had the most votes and was the second person to be eliminated.

In Spoiled Milk, she sent a Little Rascals clip about Spoiled Milk to Milky, who found it offensive, but still liked it.

In Expedition Explosion, she let go of Drago in the sky, sending him down to the ground.


  • Lemony is the first contestant on Milky's team to be eliminated.
    • She is also is the first contestant to be eliminated after the teams are formed.
  • Even though it was an unfair elimination due to Umbrella's "immunity" to trick the viewers, Lemony was the first contestant to be eliminated appropriately.
  • Lemony currently is tied with Umbrella for the record of the lowest amount of votes to be eliminated, counting Contestants Vote comb ceremonies, at a mere 7. Lemony also holds the record low percentage of votes for elimination, at 28% of all the votes for the second Comb Ceremony, though it's untied.
  • Since Balloon will rejoin in Expedition Explosion, Lemony is going to place dead last.
  • She made a cameo in Object Planet - Episode 14
  • she made cameo in episode 7 of object lockdown
  • she has the cafe,shown in episode 7
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