Get Picking
Get Picking
The thumbnail, showing Banana
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date March 20th, 2013
Written by thewugglejack
Directed by thewugglejack
Other stuff
Challenge Find four leaf clovers
Up for elimination Milky's team
Eliminated Balloon (Umbrella was supposed to be eliminated)
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I used to be a cow! Seriously Drago?
"Get Picking" is the second episode of the first season of "Super Object Battle", and premiered on March 20th, 2013.

Before the eliminationEdit

Balloon floats up to Berry, which is fearing elimination.

Get a comb or be sent home!Edit

The results of the contestants' elimination in this episode were as follows:

Portrait Name # of Votes % of Votes
Lemony Lemony 0 0%
Bucket Bucket
Hosyt auec Hot Sauce 1 each 3.85% each
Teapot Teapot
Stahp sign0011 Stop Sign
Burger Burger 2 7.69%
Balloon Balloon 3 each (Balloon flung instead of Umbrella) 11.54% each
Banana Banana
Moon Moon 4 15.38%
Umbrella Elim Umbrella 11 (Balloon flung instead of Umbrella) 42.31%
Total votes: 26 Average votes per contestant: 2.6 Average percentage per contestant: 10%

Sticky announced that she is eliminated, but literally saw double. One Umbrella had a face and limbs, the other didn't. Sticky tried to pick by saying "Eenie Meenie I pick you", with the Umbrella chosen not having the face and limbs. This umbrella told Sticky that she was balloon, but it was too late.

Choosing the teamsEdit

Sticky announced that Lemony, Spoony, Forky, Limey, Umbrella, Banana, Bushy, and Grassy were on Milky's team, Music Disk, Notebook, Moon, Envelope, Burger, Disco Ball, Acorn, and Bucket were on Skateboard's team, and Drago, Circle, Berry, Teapot, Cherry, Stop Sign, Hot Sauce, and Soapy were on Sun's team, then proceeded to the challenge.

The challengeEdit

Sticky announced that everyone had to collect 4-leaf clovers and to avoid David Leprechauns. The team that collects the most will win. The challenge starts, the intro rolls, and the challenge begins.

Challenge BreakdownEdit

Portrait Contestant Team Actions
Moon Moon Skateboard's team Pushed Sun out
Sun Sun Sun's team Pushed all the way to the world of New Super Mario Bros. U by Moon
Limey Limey Milky's team Found clover, but attacked by leprechaun
Banana Banana Milky's team Danced, then attacked by leprechaun
Umbrella Umbrella Milky's team Laughed at her "loser" teammates
Envelope Envelope Skateboard's team Found clover, unnoticed by Leprechaun
Drago Drago Sun's team Found clover offscreen
Results -> Skateboard's team: 1st Sun's team: 2nd Milky's team: Up for elimination

After the challengeEdit

The credits roll:

  • Writer: thewugglejack
  • Animator: thewugglejack
  • Voice Actors: Milky voiced by koolwhip555, Burger voiced by Spongy318, Bushy voiced by MegaAmazing, Teapot voiced by 2000MrPie, Stop Sign voiced by KaraidsLair, Skateboard voiced by RetroRuoy, Soapy and Acorn voiced by thewuggle and twj, Sun by PaperCutCity, and all other characters voiced by thewugglejack
  • SOB3 coming out April 7th, and using Anime Studio


  • This is the last episode to be animated with Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • This is the last episode to be filmed with an iPod Touch.
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