The Normal Dude
Species Envelope
Gender Male
Team Skateboard's Team
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Music Disk, Bucket, Skateboard,NES Controller Posiblly
Enemies Cherry (one-sided), Umbrella
Rank TBA
Color Light Gray
Introduced in I Used To Be A Cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewugglejack
Envelope is a contestant on Super Object Battle

Personality Edit

Envelope is a calm contestant, but dislikes being annoyed.

Coverage Edit

In I used to be a cow!, he appeared on the "100 vids" announcement. He was next shown throwing a football to Music Disk, who did not catch it. During the challenge, he was not shown onscreen, but didn't make it to the final 6.

In Get Picking, Envelope was chosen onto Skateboard's team. During the challenge, he successfully got a clover.

In Seriously Drago?, he appeared near the start saying, "Uh, hello?". He also appeared near the end with yellow paint on his face.

In Burning Bananas, his face appears on the "6 months of TWJ!" announcement.

In I Got These Shades!, he got no votes. He made his car, but drove off a cliff before being corrected by BFDI's speaker box.

In Spoiled Milk, he revealed why he hated Umbrella. (See Umbrella's Page) His team got second, behind Milky's team, but still immune nonetheless.

In Sweet Revenge, he was introduced to Black Circle 2, a non-contestant, by Balloon (Who befriended BC2)

In Expedition Explosion, he got last place for his team in the challenge by being forced to be mailed by the finish line. He was just beaten by Limey, but recieved immunity because he was the only member on hus team that was remotely close to the pyramid.

Trivia Edit

  • Envelope was based off TWJ himself.
  • He was the first contestant on the show to appear in I used to be a cow! that was chosen onto Skateboard's team in Get Picking.
    • He was the first contestant to appear on the show overall.
    • He made a cameo in Object Planet - Episode 14
    • He was also the very first character Wuggle created.
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