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The Non-Object Contestant
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Team Sun's Team
Episode Eliminated Sweet Revenge (26 votes)
Allies Umbrella, Balloon, Banana
Enemies Teapot
Rank 25th
Color Brown (Some Red scales in I used to be a cow! and Get Picking that are Blue in Seriously Drago? onward)
Introduced in I used to be a cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewugglejack

Drago is a contestant in Super Object Battle.


Drago is an average dragon, only much friendlier. However, sometimes his mischief can go too far, such as turning the Alternate Dimension into the red "Fire Dimension", and was called off by Bushy for this.


In I used to be a cow!, he roared in front of Music Disk, who failed to catch a football from Envelope. During the challenge, he fell offscreen, but wasn't up for elimination.

In Get Picking, he was chosen onto Sun's team, and during the challenge, he won immunity for that team.

In Seriously Drago?, he gets called out for by Bushy who said the episode's title: Seriously Drago? for breathing fire and burning the Alternate Dimension down to a reddish color changing it to the Fire Dimension.

In Burning Bananas, it was revealed that he missed it so much, which was the first time he ever spoke, as pointed out by Limey.

In I Got These Shades!, he appeared being happy after Sticky reacted to being back in the Fire Dimension.

In Spoiled Milk, he baked Sun's team's cookies, but burned them, getting him saand contributing to putting them up for elimination.

In Sweet Revenge, he was eliminated in a record close 26-23 vote.

In Expedition Explosion, Umbrella and Balloon escaped, bringing him and Lemony along. However, Lemony let go of him, causing him to get caught by Sticky.

In Object Lockdown he competed in Volcanic Excitement and in Rapping It Up,in The Cream of the Crop it's sayed that he left the show for his family,and is replaced by Notebook


  • Drago is the only completely organic character on the show so far, not counting Sticky.
  • Drago will appear in a SOB version of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared". He will appear in place of the bird, known as Robin.
  • Drago is currently tied with Moon for the highest amount of votes to be eliminated in SOB.
    • However, Drago was eliminated in a close 26-23 vote, while Moon was eliminated in a landslide.
      • Coincidentally, Teapot, the other contestant in the Bottom 2 for Sweet Revenge, recieved 23 votes. When added to Drago's 26, that's how many votes were cast for the Moon's elimination in I Got These Shades!
      • He Quits OLD To Spend Time With His Family Which The Other One From SOB Series Join in The Game
      • He made a cameo in Object Planet - Episode 14
      • He is the only contestant to quit the show(Object Lockdown)
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