Disco Ball
Disco Ball
The New Puffball
Species Disco Ball
Gender Male
Team Skateboard's Team
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Burger (Possibly)
Enemies Notebook
Rank TBA
Color Gray; Shiny
Introduced in I used to be a cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewugglejack (I used to be a cow!, jaggerbug(Seriously Drago? (Vocoded starting with Seriously Drago?)

Disco Ball is a male contestant.


He is a happy contestant, but does not like objects hating his singing.


In I used to be a cow!, he told Burger that he was a Disco Ball, and Burger thought he was a Notebook. Notebook then appeared onscreen and took offense to being called fat. Disco Ball is nowhere to be seen for the rest of the episode, but placed 7th-18th in the challenge.

In Get Picking, Disco Ball was nowhere to be seen for the episode, but was chosen onto Skateboard's team. As Envelope collected a clover successfully, their team was safe from elimination.

In Seriously Drago?, he said that his team has got the wookie slaughter "in the bag".

In Burning Bananas, everyone failed to kill many wookies, and Sticky chose Skateboard's team to be up for elimination.

In I Got These Shades!, he got no votes at the elimination.

He is in Expedition Explosion.


  • He is the only contestant so far to have a vocoded voice.
  • He made a cameo in Object Planet - Episode 14
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