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The Intro's Victim
Species Circle
Gender Female
Team Sun's Team
Episode Eliminated Yesterday
Allies Unknown
Enemies Sticky, Bushy (Possibly)
Rank TBA
Color Orange
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewugglejack

Circle is a contestant in Super Object Battle.


Circle is an annoying whiner who really hates being left out of the intro. In fact, he might even try to threaten Sticky's life if he is not put in the intro.


In I used to be a cow!, he fell on Bushy, who knocked him away.

In Get Picking, he was chosen onto Sun's team.

In Seriously Drago, he calls Sticky off for excluding him from the intro. Sticky explained that Circle's unpopularity kept him out of the intro.

In Burning Bananas, due to being left out of the intro again, he exploded in anger.

In I Got These Shades!, he finally appeared in the intro, but only to be represented by a sloppy drawing of him and a raspberry sound. He said that the 49 votes for Skateboard's team was stupid, but Sticky told Circle that he wasn't on Skateboard's team. After Burger tried to choose the rock, Circle told him that Cherry already chose it.

In Spoiled Milk, he still was left out of the intro, and his reaction was censored due to violence. Moon's impact on the cookbook tricked Circle into putting a Wookie in the mixing bowl. Moon's impact on the cookbook also put Sun's team up for elimination.

In Sweet Revenge, Circle finally got into the intro. He was declared safe at 7 votes, even though he was in the Bottom 4.

In Expedition Explosion, he threatened to kill Sticky if he didn't put him in the intro.


  • Circle is the only contestant to be based off a shape.
  • He made a cameo in object planet- episode 14.