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"Can You Dig It?" is the second episode of the second season of Super Object Battle.

Can You Dig It?
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Season 2, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date April 29, 2015
Written by thewugglejack and JoeTheBro64
Directed by thewugglejack
Other stuff
Challenge To dig up the best dinosaur fossil.
Up for elimination Banana, Disco Ball, Grassy, Umbrella, Stop Sign, and Teapot
Eliminated Notebook
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Episode Coverage[]

The second episode of Super Object Battle Two starts out with Circle hosting his show "Will Bushy Ever Get Screentime". He calls out Bushy, but she doesn't show up. After the intro, Bucket is telling Hot Sauce what a traitor he is. Bucket says he wants him eliminated. At the elimination, Wii Remote announces that the votes have been hacked. He then continues on with the elimination, and announces that Bucket and Notebook are in the final two. He says that Notebook is eliminated, and she was sent to the PBR. The challenge was to dig up the best dinosaur fossil. Grassy figured out his shades aren't magic, and was told by Forky that they were useful for finding the bones. Acorn gives a lecture on how they are actually crystallized rocks, but he gets interrupted by Pumpkin. Banana then breaks into a dance and Umbrella says he didn't get better and a story appears of how he was attacked by a evil Hyates Animations. It then cuts to Sun talking about if he flies, he will be eliminated just like Notebook  was. The results were then shown. He claims that everyone's fossils were bad. Pumpkin then shows up, and has Sticky with him! Sticky is awakened from his sleep, and doesn't know who Wii Remote was. Wii Remote decides to run away from the show, and puts Banana, Disco Ball, Grassy, Umbrella, Stop Sign, and Teapot up for elimination.



The challenge was to dig up the best dinosaur fossils and nobody won this time but instead random contestants were just put up for elimination.


Nobody won this time, the only thing that happened was 6 contestants chose randomly were put up for elimination.

Up for elimination[]

The 6 contestants which Wii remote choose were Banana, Disco Ball, Grassy, Umbrella, Stop Sign, and Teapot who were randomly chosen by Wii remote before he left.


  • The title for this episode was originally the title for the cancelled episode 8 of season 1.
  • This is the only episode where no contestant has won.