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The Green Terror
Name Bushy
Gender Female
Team Milky
Episode Eliminated SOB:TBA

SOB3:''Skate kart''

Allies Water Balloon(possibly)
Enemies Pretty Much Everyone


Color Green
Introduced in I Used To Be A Cow!
Latest appearance Can You Dig It?
Voiced by thewugglejack

Bushy,labled "The Green Terror" is a contestant on Super Object Battle and Object City. The one in Object City is the only male one who is crazy all the time. That's it.

Bushy is first seen when circle fell on her in I used to be a cow!, and (possibly) shattering Teapot,later in Get Picking she was placed in Milky's team,and in Seriously Drago? After Drago burn the set she said the title of the episode.

Later in Sweet Revenge is espaculated that she and Water Balloon were going to be friends in the Can You Dig It? Circle did a show about how Bushy gets so little screentime.