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"Burning Bananas" is the second part of the third episode of the first season of "Super Object Battle", and premiered on April 21st, 2013. The first part is Bushy's Birthday.

The challenge, part 2[]

Envelope's face is shown on a screen announcing 6 months of twj. Forky asks how to do this, but gets kicked by Shell from TOATI. Grassy says that it didn't help at all, and Shell recites Patrick Star's "Wumbo" lines from Spongebob. Grassy kicks him out, and the intro rolls. Circle is still upset that he isn't in the intro, and explodes. Skateboard said hi to Envelope, but a purple wookie attacked and exploded on him. Umbrella tells Music Disk that she has a plan on how to kill wookies: Jumping up and attacking with fireballs. Banana was singing Thrift Shop, with Bucket doing the sax. At the "twenty dollars in my pocket" line, got his money out, but he was censored by one of Umbrella's fireballs. Sun and Moon kill each other, and Notebook is just watching TV. Sticky, out of the Alternate Dimension, announced the end of the challenge.

After the Challenge[]

Sticky recovered the contestants through the Object Recoverererererer. Grassy was relieved to be out of the alternate dimension, but Drago liked it there. Limey was confused and told him, "You can talk!?". Drago replies, "Yes". Sticky said that very few wookies were killed, and chose Skateboard's team to be up for elimination, likely because Skateboard was attacked by a purple wookie. Skateboard then said that he feared elimination. 



  • This is the first time Drago is seen talking.
  • This episode was originally going to have a "Last time on SOB..."
  • This is the first episode, where the contest winner wasn't clear. Instead, Milky's Team and Sun's team were just tied for 1st.
  • The version of the Recoverererererer in this episode is "3.28472".


  • Bushy is referred to as Bush in the credits again.
  • Limey's tounge is at the top when pointing out Drago's first time speaking.