Official Super Object Battle Wiki
The "Strong" Leader
Species Metal Bucket
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Music Disk,Envelope,Skateboard
Enemies Water Balloon, Hot Sauce
Rank TBA
Color Gray
Introduced in I Used To Be A Cow!
Latest appearance Can You Dig It?
Voiced by thewugglejack (Season 1)

YellowAngiru (Season 2)

Bucket is a contestant in Super Object Battle.

He is on Skateboard's team.


Not much is known about him, except that he likes pranking people alongside Music Disc for fun.


I Used to be a Cow![]

He is first seen riding Skateboard, who then tells him to stop riding him. Bucket agrees to this, seeing as they are friends. He was dancing to the Harlem Shake alongside Banana and Hot Sauce during the challenge, only to be pushed off by Umbrella. Putting the 3 up for elimination.

Get Picking[]

He expressed fear before the voting results, but was safe early on in the elimination. He is put on Skateboard's Team, which places first in the challenge.

Seriously Drago?[]

He is seen asking Sticky where they ended up in, who tells them that they are hosting the elimination in an alternate dimension.

Burning Bananas[]

He is seen playing the saxophone during Banana's song, only to be burnt by Umbrella. His team is then put up for elimination.

I got these shades![]

He is safe with about 2 votes. During the challenge, he decides to ride Skateboard, and they place second to Sun's Team.

Sweet Revenge[]

He and Music Disc decide to prank Notebook by waking him up. This ends with Bucket being scared off by an angry Notebook. During the challenge, he asks Skateboard to ride him again, in which he reluctantly does so.

Expedition Explosion[]

He suggests that they should have Envelope mailed to the Pyramid, to which Acorn and Skateboard agree to. However, their team loses thanks to Envelope arriving too late.

Kicking it Off[]

Seeing how difficult the challenge is, he and Music Disc decide to let Hot Sauce into their alliance. Bucket kicks off the wall of the Pitch Black Room and wins for his alliance. He puts Sun and Notebook up for elimination, but is betrayed by Hot Sauce who then proceeds to put him and Music Disc up for elimination, which angers Bucket.

Can you Dig It?[]

He calls Hot Sauce off for backstabbing him and Music Disc, who claims that he only did it for his own winning needs. He then hopes for Hot Sauce to be eliminated in the next episode(which doesn't happen). He was put in the bottom 3 alongisde Notebook and Umbrella, but barely escaped elimination thanks to Notebook's votes being hacked.


  • His Saxophone performance in Burning Bananas is what Bucket hinself was referring to in "Not your Forte".
  • He was initally supposed to have what later became Umbrella's personality. The idea was dropped when making SOB Beta.