Official Super Object Battle Wiki

This is how SOB came to be.

How I Learned About BFDI.[]

I was in this camp, where we made movies over the summer of 2012. And my friend Brandon, was obsessed with BFDI. He told me about it, and I loved it.

Starting to make my own show![]

Around August 10th, 2012, I started this comic with SOB characters. There were 16 contestants. Here they are...

After that, I learned about II, and Baseball and Paper were taken out. As a result, Robot and Crown were put in to the second version of this comic, Total Object Island. 

What about the rest of the characters?[]

When school started, I told my friend, PCC (PaperCutCity) about this. He hated Tree, so he was taken out. Sun, Moon, Acorn, Teapot, SS, Cherry, Soapy, Circle, Disco Ball, Limey, Drago and Notebook were added. This would have the final cast. Crown and Robot were taken out at the last second, because I learned about TOATI (Crown was out) and Robot was just weird.

SOB Beta[]

That would make SOB Beta. (The one that came out October 2012.)

Hot Sauce was reccomended by 3DSDr and joined.

After SOB Beta was quit after the 4th episode, CodingCollabs' reccomended character Berry was put in, and my friend from school made Banana. And that is how SOB came to be. -thewugglejack