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Balloon is stupid

The Big Floater
Species Balloon
Gender Female
Team Milky's team
Episode Eliminated Get Picking (Umbrella was supposed to be eliminated at 11 votes; Balloon got 3, the same amount as Banana, and Moon got the second most votes at 4.) (Rejoins in Expedition Explosion)
Allies Umbrella, Black Circle 2, Drago, Lemony
Enemies Berry, Water Balloon.
Rank TBA
Color Pink (Red prior to Seriously Drago?)
Introduced in I used to be a cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewugglejack

(voice edited)


Balloon does not do very well in challenges because she is very lightweight. She contrasts with her clone, Water Balloon, and has proven to be vengeful.


In I used to be a cow!, she just floats up when she's shown. The first time, a meteor crashed into and killed her. The second time, it was during the challenge. She was DQ'd in 4 seconds due to just floating in the air. Later, after the challenge, she floated up into a cake, but noticed a knife.

In Get Picking, she asked Berry to get her a costume because she was scared of elimination. Berry got her an Umbrella Costume. Unfortunately, Umbrella was supposed to be eliminated, and Sticky used an "Eenie Meenie I pick you" strategy and chose Balloon to be eliminated before she gave away her identity at the last minute.

In Seriously Drago?, Balloon was shown in the Pitch-Black Room, where eliminated contestants are supposed to go, and was revealed to have formed a grudge on Berry.

In Sweet Revenge, she was talking with Umbrella about Sticky's laziness. Umbrella suggests that Balloon float right out of the Pitch-Black Room. She creates Water Balloon with a Cloning Machine vBETA. She later confronts Berry and tries to get revenge, but fails. She had a conflict with Berry. Berry popped Balloon, so they became worst enemies. Due to the presence of an Eliminated Object Recoverererererer in the Pitch-Black Room, she was able to escape again.


  • Balloon was the first contestant to ever be eliminated on Super Object Battle.
    • This is also true in Episode 2 of Super Object Battle Beta, though it was in a tiebreaker during a Double Elimination, where 5 contestants, her included, got 2 votes each. The other contestant eliminated in the double elimination was Stop Sign.
    • She is the first conetsant to rejoin.
    • She made a cameo in Object Planet - Episode 14
  • A different balloon appeared in Inanimate Insanity, however they have different genders and personalities.
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