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Acorn is a contestant in S1.

The British Guy
Species Acorn
Gender Male
Team Skateboard's Team
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Bucket (Possibly), Limey (Possibly)
Enemies Sticky (Possibly; One-sided)
Rank TBA
Color Brown
Introduced in I used to be a cow!
Latest appearance Expedition Explosion
Voiced by thewuggle (I used to be a cow!), thewugglejack (I used to be a cow! and I Got These Shades!), KaraidsLair (Starting with Sweet Revenge)


Acorn seems to act British. He is competitive, and is like "I wanna win this!"


In I used to be a cow!, he said "Hello, governor!" to Limey, who couldn't understand. Sticky then interrupted by forcing the 28 contestants into Super Object Battle.

In Get Picking, he was chosen onto Skateboard's team.

In I Got These Shades!, he got one vote at the elimination. He also told Bucket that Sticky was "a mighty weird chap". He also said, "YEBOW!" along with Envelope and Umbrella upon the landing of Yebow Face's bow.

In Sweet Revenge, he complained about the destruction of the egyptian pyramid before Sticky asks the viewers to vote on a challenge.

He is in Expedition Explosion.


  • He would have been eliminated in the 8th episode of Super Object Battle, having one more vote than Notebook.